RFC 2 button flip key case for Vauxhall Opel Corsa E 2014 - 2017 remote fob

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Replacement 2 button remote flip key case for your Vauxhall / Opel 2 button button remote flip key. It is quite common for these remote flip keys over time to wear out or become damaged. Usual problems attributed to these remote flip keys; ·button pad damaged making it difficult to operate your remote ·flip mechanism failing preventing being able to use the key blade ·key blade bent out of shape or snapping ·plastic casing being damaged due to being dropped ·require it to make up a new remote key ·to refurbish your current remote flip key to make it look new again. You will need to transfer your existing circuit board across, and to either have the new key blade cut or you can transfer your existing key blade across. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at remotefobcentre