Repair refurbishment service for Porsche 911 Boxster S 3 button remote key fob

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Repair service for your Porsche remote key fob

It is common for these key fobs over time to deteriorate resulting in the following;

1. Inability to operate the circuit board buttons
2. Worn/damaged remote key case
3. Key blade case broken/damaged

We offer a repair service to replace the circuit board micro switches, replace the key case and the battery.

Service provided;
1. Replace battery
2. Repair/replace circuit board buttons
3. Resolder ICU chip
4. Replace key casing unit including cutting new blade
5. Fully test the remote key fob

Ensure the remote communicates with at least one of the buttons with the vehicle!

How to proceed
The process is straightforward send your remote key fob to us at;

Remotefobcentre Limited,
60B Hinckley Road

0116 3191232
07932 433929

Along with your remote key fob include your name, contact number and return postal address.

We aim to carry out all repairs within 1 working day