Repair service for Mini One Cooper S Clubman R55 R56 R60 remote fob

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Repair & battery replacement service for your BMW Mini remote key fob

Are you having issues with your Mini remote key to unlock/lock the vehicle?

It is common for these remotes over time to suffer the inability to hold the battery charge

Service Provided

We can repair/refurbish the remote as follows;

1. Fit new internal rechargeable battery
2. Resolder the ICU chip
3. Replace any worn/damaged micro switches.
4. Test the remote for signal
5. Install into a new case

How to proceed

Firstly make payment for this service, thereafter package your remote key up in a jiffy bag/padded envelope and include a note with your name, phone number and return address. Take the package to a post office so correct postage is applied and post to us at;

Remotefobcentre Ltd
60B Hinckley Road

0116 3191232

We aim to carry out all repairs within 1 working day