Flip upgrade service for Honda Civic Accord Jazz remote key fob

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We can convert your existing standard remote key into a flip key

You just need to post your standard remote key to us and we will return it fully converted and operational as a remote flip key

No programming required the item will arrive ready to use

We can convert both 2 and 3 button remote keys

As part of the service we will carry out the following;

1.Cut the flip blade to suit existing blade
2.Relocate the transponder chip within the flip case so the ignition barrel will pick up the chip
3.Install new battery
4.Replace any worn or damaged micro switches
5.Fully test the remote, flip mechanism and transponder chip


How to proceed


Please make payment through this advert and proceed to post your remote key in a jiffy bag/padded envelope to us at;

   Remotefobcentre Ltd   
   Unit 1A Winchester Avenue, 

   Blaby Industrial Park, 


   LE8 4GZ


Include a note with your name, phone number and return postal address so we can match your key to your invoice.